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Columbus Underground Review: Cap City Fine Diner
"As far as Cameron Mitchell restaurants go, I’ve always found Cap City to be one of the most accessible options in their lineup. The atmosphere is comfortable enough for a casual lunch but nice enough for a date night. The menu primarily consists of comfort food with a handful of signature dishes that make it interesting enough to warrant repeat visits..."

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"I  just ran across one of the best gluten-free menus I have ever seen! Cameron Mitchell’s Cap City Diner in Columbus, Ohio offers a huge selection of items for us to chose from. My meal included…

    Scallions and Alfredo Sauce for a starter
    French Onion Soup
    Greek Salad
    “Chips on Fish” for a main dish
    and Upside Down Banana Cream Pie for dessert

Everything above was fantastic! The wait staff was very educated and made sure to tell me that my order was entered into the system as gluten-free and the chef was notified. I think this is absolutely necessary because when the meal arrives, you say to yourself, “No way is this gluten-free!” That’s what is so great about all Cameron Mitchell’s Restaurants, they don’t just give you a piece a grilled fish, they create elaborate dishes with sauces and flavor that the gluten-free community usually miss out on. Excellent job Cap City! Don’t think you have to live in Columbus to enjoy these restaurants, click here to see their locations around the country." - Jay

"The chocolate cake is sinful! If you want to treat yourself this is by far the way to do it!" - Renee

"The grilled cheese, with egg and all, is VERY good. It is one of my favorites. Also the bleu cheese dressing on the salads. I have tried the chicken pot pie and find it to be excellent also. I haven't found a bad meal yet at Cap City Diner. Out-of-town friends also have fallen in love with the food here!" - Sandra D.
"I understand this is a new item and tried it Tuesday. Will return regularly for the Chicken Pot Pie. Crust is extra flakey, the chicken and vegetables are excellent. No gummy doughy taste. An outstanding entree. Highly recommended." - D. Cage

"Absolutely fabulous food! Everything they had to offer was amazing--especially the Seriously Big Chocolate Cake. I could not have asked for a better meal!" - Lindsey H.

"Every time I go to Cap City the entire experience is wonderful. the atmosphere is fun, fresh and exciting which compliments the food very nicely. The service is flawless with the staff being friendly, respectful and always willing to offer suggestions and recomendations and finally the food. A classy upscale menu in a friendly, community environment. Congrats Cap City for a job well done!" - Bobby P.